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Foster Relationships

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Digital Transformation - Solution Architecture and Design

In the new world of cloud technologies, organizations are looking for ways to simplify how technology are serving their business needs. Domain 6 Inc. has a experts in different technologies to produce key solution design concepts and other architectural technology footprint to support the organizations business needs (learn more…)

Solution Architecture
Sales Force Automation

Better Manage your Leads, Audience, Contacts, and Opportunities

We are laser focused on helping you build better communication to simplify and enhance relationships with your clients, vendors, and employees.

No matter the channel, our Engagement intelligence and technology advisory consulting expertise and cloud-based software solutions help you easily and cost-effectively manage prospect leads, opportunities, campaigns, social and digital relationships, email exchanges, documents management, job executions, change requests, and more.

Put data and technologies to a good use. Let us help you make sense of the data and conversations happening all around you to drive the proper engagement campaigns, accurately measure them, and be able to proactively adjust your actions to better manage your brand. (read more…)

Marketing & Digital Department Tranformation

With the world of social and digital media taking over how people give feedback, reviews, and buy the different products and services, you need your marketing department to be as tuned as possible to what is happening in the world. Your traditional advertising and demand generation is no longer the way you can attract new buyers. learn how we can help you upgrade your marketing department to the digital world using CRM, Social Monitoring and Business Analytics tools (read more…)

Interaction, Collaboration, and Document Management

Communications is core to how we do business, in today’s world your business require that you have a complete view of all the client interactions whether it is email, social or document. Domain 6 Inc., identified these requirements and delivered solutions that will help with:

Make your interaction smarter with technology tools that enable that next level of engagement all that integrated in on a single platform using Microsoft Technologies.

Build Your Sixth Sense

Traditional engagement solutions rely heavily on data input and are not agile enough to know where the most important conversations are happening.

We’re able to find and capture all relevant conversations – internal and external – and automatically classify, categorize, and tag them; understand them; and, most importantly, deliver the needed metrics and trends to instantly drive insight and action.

Conversations are happening all around you.

Are you listening, understanding, engaging and adjusting to grow your brand? We help companies around the world transform conversations into action.

How do we engage with you?

Technology Advisory & Deployments
Domain 6 has extensive domain expertise in cloud technologies serving different businesses such as ERP, CRM and big data platforms. Our Technical experts will help you get most out of the systems you are currently deploying and suggest ways of improving both adoption and outcomes. learn more…

Industries we Serve
We have a team of talented technology and business experts with deep industry knowledge in the organizations that are services having or where they make use of human talent and require project managements to deliver a unique value propositions. Our industries are: