Your path to intelligent engagements


Founded in 2016, Domain 6 was the vision of a group of individuals that believe in putting clients first and enabling them intelligently engage with their eco-system. thus the story of the Domain 6, a group of technology DOMAIN experts that enable organizations to build their six sense

Our Focus

  • Industry and Domain knowledge 100%
  • Client Satisfaction 100%
  • Consultancy and Advisory 100%
  • Technology Enablement 100%

Our Mission

To provide our clients with technology solutions that will enable them to intelligently engage with their eco-systems

Our Vsion

Thrive through technology to build businesses 6th sense


Our Partners

Enabling the best technology requires a set of partnerships with proven technologies to deliver state of the art solutions

Semeon Analytics

Transform your Business Data with Actionable Insights



Fuel Your CRM. Drive New Business.

Automatically capture sales intelligence within your email inbox.
Calculate customer engagement & measure account health.
Empower sales with a 360 degree view of the customer

360 Vertical Solutions

Wherever your firm is on the CRM use continuum, we have the industry, product and business process experience to assist in achieving your unique definition of CRM success, from Tactical to Strategic.

Gig Werks

Gig Werks understands that to create a successful business solution and drive adoption; a powerful user experience is everything. This additional investment by Gig Werks in our staffs skill sets not only drive time to market, scalability and return on investment – but ensures the best user experience possible for the business’s needs.