Whether you already have a CRM & ERP system deployed or if you’re considering implementing a change, at one point or another you will find yourself asking questions like:

  • Are we at a point where our business can benefit from a new system(s)?
  • What are the challenges we are trying to solve?
  • Are we at a mature enough to tackle those kind of initiatives for our organization.
Peoples Process & Tech

As part of our services, Domain 6 conducts a series of executive workshops that help customers identify and document critical variables of the project including: strategic objectives, program initiatives, system capabilities, obstacles to success, etc.

We then helps customers link the strategic objectives to the initiatives. We also help customers score and prioritize the business value and relative complexity associated with achieving each of the projects. With that we are able to create a clear deliverable and KPI to help with the different MIS initiatives, leading to a better intelligent Client, Vendor and Employee engagements.

Solution Architecture diagram

Companies need to be able to answer these questions in a clear and succinct manner if they want to achieve real business benefits from their business applications. Not having a clear business application vision and roadmap leads to a spaghetti and adhoc approach to such programs. Based on our experience with multiple deployments, Domain 6 Inc offers a simplified engagement which helps clients develop a strategic roadmap to guide their programs from conception through implementation and beyond. Some of our deliverables includes:

  • A detailed solution architecture and roadmap of what needs to be deployed
  • Deliver a detailed & phases of what the program(s) need
  • Deliver a key KPIs associated with such a program(s) and what success looks like.
  • A detailed Organization Change management plan to accommodate the program.