Conversations are happening all around you.

Are you listening, understanding, engaging and adjusting to grow your brand?

We help companies around the world transform conversations into action.

Transform your Marketing Department with Technology

Let us show you how to:

Foster Relationships

Understand and simplify your account structures. know your allies and who you are communicating with so you understand your relationship strength. With Komiko and Microsoft Dynamics 365 you are able to measure contact relationships and their influence over the different leads

Gain Insights

Understand how your digital marketing channels are performing, having a complete picture of how your campaigns are progressing. When driving awareness campaigns it is hard with traditional CRM systems to understand the impact. With Semeon we bring to you a complete view of 1 or more campaigns and their performance in terms of Sentiments, Influencers, and Intent.

Grow Engagements

Marketing is all about keeping your customers loyal to the products and services that you offer. With Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Social Engagement, Semeon Analytics and Business Intelligence we are able to give you all the intelligence you need to grow your client engagements and deliver superior level of services.

Semeon Insights

Manage Brands

Consumers and Professionals are very vocal on social media, with the growing use of digital conversations, your brands are more open to criticism, harm, and potential negative advertisements. With Semeon Analytics, and PowerBI we are able to bring to you a complete brand picture: Who has been actively talking about you online, What are the concepts that makes up what your clients are satisfied with or challenged with, What is the impact of your brand influencers

Take Action

Having all the information around campaigns, influencers and brand awareness are of less value if you are not able to take action. our solutions can be integrated into your Dynamics CRM system as well as SalesForce solutions to enable you to take the proper action and be agile.

Awareness Campaign Performance

Concept Timeline

Concept Sentiment


Know your Brand Influencers

Focus your campaigns on your brand influencers. it has been proven that word of mouth marketing is critical to the success of a firm. With Semeon Analytics and MIcrosoft Social Enagement you are able to know who are your product influencers, understand what they are concerned about and understand the outreach of their network

Turn Words into Action

We are laser focused on helping you build better communication to simplify and enhance relationships with your clients, vendors, and employees.

No matter the channel, our Engagement intelligence and technology advisory consulting expertise and cloud-based software solutions help you easily and cost-effectively manage prospect leads, opportunities, campaigns, social and digital relationships, email exchanges, documents management, job executions, change requests, and more.

Put data and technologies to a good use. Let us help you make sense of the data and conversations happening all around you to drive the proper engagement campaigns, accurately measure them, and be able to proactively adjust your actions to better manage your brand.

Lead the Conversation

Marketers, professionals, and operational leads must be able to find, join, manage, and lead the conversation – and be ready to take action – to rise above the noise, influence the market, and drive intelligent engagements and relationships.

Our expertise spans a wide range of software solutions, technology adoption, change management, and business process optimization. We also pride ourselves on customer excellence.

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

With tight resources and so many communication channels to juggle, it’s challenging to be proactive and predictive in how you engage with people and organizations around you.

Learn who are your key brand influencers, connect with them through programs and campaigns that will help you boost your digital footprint, and engage effectively with them and eliminate the FUD.