Industries we help in digital transformation

The technological advancement in the project based organization has been tremendous in the last few year. At domain 6 inc, we have been focusing on transforming businesses that are project or service based for decades. Domain 6 inc. is a leading provider of CRM based solution to support the needs of professional services, AEC and legal firms

Professional Services

Professional Services - IT Consultants, Management Consultants

We help professional services firm with solutions and capabilities that will enable them to: Maintain better client relationships, Better Manage and Recruit Talent, Minimize Days Sales Outstanding, Optimize Resources

Arch, Engineering, And Construction

Architect, Engineering, and Construction

We support AEC firms with capabilities that will allow them to better support: Sales, Pursuit And Opportunity Management, Understand and intelligently manage relationships, integrate with External Construction Market Content for Lead Generation Connectivity.

Legal Firms

Legal and Law Firms

Our offering help firms with business development and marketing efforts, managing client teams and matters, in addition to rich and powerful access to the all-important Relationship Intelligence data (traditional “Who Knows Whom” functionality, supported by visualization.)